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Ειδική Νομοπαρασκευαστική Επιτροπή για την επεξεργασία σχεδίου νόμου για την ουσιαστική ισότητα των φύλων" Αριθμ. ΔΔΟΙΚ/3603/30-7-2010/ ΦΕΚ ΥΟΔΔ 2

Unofficial title in English: 
Legislative Drafting Committee for the preparation of a draft law on substantive gender equality

Aims and objectives

In August 2010, the General Secretariat for Gender Equality established the Legislative Drafting Committee in order to process rules that will improve and re-enforce existing legislation.

Results and impact

Its work was completed in September 2011, and thus completed its mandate and its OFFICIAL REPORT. The competent Ministry has not implemented the recommended policies in a regulatory activity/legislation.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

General Secretariat for Gender Equality



The Committee’s work sought to establish effective policies to achieve the principle of gender equality and the creation of mechanisms to monitor and evaluate their outcomes.

Additional information

Duration: 2010-2011