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Zprávy o plnění Aktualizovaných opatření Priorit a postupů vlády při prosazování rovných příležitostí žen a mužů

Unofficial title in English: 
Reports on the Fulfilment of the Updated Measures of Priorities and Policies of the Government for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men

Funding body


Aims and objectives

The objective of the Reports is to assess the fulfilment of the Priorities and Policies in a given year at the governmental and ministerial levels. However, the assessment is not performed according to the defined indicators contained in the Priorities and Policies. Furthermore, the national mechanism does not have the power to check the accuracy / relevance of the information provided by individual ministries.

Results and impact

Activities are reported but are not assessed; in exceptional cases does the material state that results of previous work will be reflected in future policy documents (e.g., analysis of situation of women migrants by Ministry of Interior).

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs; other ministries



As the reports themselves state, the reports provide "summary of activities" rather than an assessment of the fulfilment of the actions and their impact. Statistics are reported (mostly related to the staff at each ministry but in some cases also related to the 'remit' of the ministry).

Additional information

Duration: since 1998

Periodicity: annual