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Gender Budgeting in der Verwaltung

Unofficial title in English: 
Action: Gender Budgeting in Public Administration

Aims and objectives

The objective is to pinpoint implications for gender relations, to shift priorities and to redistribute resources. The ultimate goal is to develop a gender-sensitive and a gender-equitable budget.

Results and impact

All ministries have already set up their specific gender-related objectives, measures and indicators. It is foreseen that these gender objectives are to be monitored by the Court of Audit on an annual basis. Budgeting decisions are key decisions and, with the new regulation as of the 1st of January 2013, budgeting can act a lever for gender equality.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Federal Minister for Women and Civil Service (within the Federal Chancellery)



Publications provides guidance on how Gender Mainstreaming alters everyday administrative action of public bodies. It deals with the aims of Gender Mainstreaming, their implementation and integration into the work practice of public authorities. Therefore, practical implications and instructions are illustrated (e.g. 16 gender questions to improve professional work).