Poland // Structures

The Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment was established in 2008 and is a non-ministerial equal treatment agency, integrated within the structures of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister but headed by a Secretary of state. It aims to promote the equal treatment of all persons without discrimination based on gender or other grounds. It filled the institutional vacuum left after the dissolution, in 2005, of the Governmental Plenipotentiary for the Equal Status of Men and Women. Some ministries  have units dedicated specifically to gender-equality issues (i.e. Ministry of Labor and Social Policy). Additionally, each Ministry has designated a Ministerial plenipotentiary responsible for coordinating gender equality related issues within its structures. A national advisory body on equal treatment has been established as foreseen in the National Programme for Equal Treatment for the years 2013–2016. The advisory body consists of high level representatives of all Ministries. The first meeting of the Advisory body is scheduled for September 2015. 

One of the actions set forth by the National Action Plan for Equal Treatment for 2013-2016 is the development and implementation of the regional network of plenipotentiaries of equal treatment. The Plenipotentiaries coordinate the implementation of the equal treatment principles (including gender mainstreaming issues) at the level of voivodeships.