Ireland // Structures

The Gender Equality Division under the Department of Justice (currently led by the Minister for Justice and Equality) has a broad remit including policy, coordination, analysis and monitoring, and has overall re­sponsibility for the Equality for Women Measure 2008–2013 (a source of funding from the European Social Fund to support women’s participation in the labour market, and in the economy more broadly).

After gender mainstreaming was adopted at national policy level in Ireland under the National Development Plan 2000–2006, an NDP Gender Equality Unit was established in the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform to provide support and advice to all those working on the NDP and to monitor progress on gender mainstreaming in the NDP. A second such unit was established in the Department of Education and Science to provide support and advice on gender equality to those working on education policies. The National Women’s Strategy calls for the re-establishing of the NDP Gender Equality Unit as the Central Gender Mainstreaming Unit.