Greece // Laws and Policies

A comprehensive national gender-mainstreaming strategy was launched in 2010 through the National Programme for Substantive Gender Equality, which identifies gender mainstreaming in public policies and at all policy levels as one of its three pillars. The tasks for the implementation of gender mainstreaming are defined by the NSRF 2007–2013, the reference document for the programming of EU funds at national level. One of its operational programmes (Administrative Reform, Axis 3) sets out five projects, all of which are still being implemented (except the last one, which has been completed):

  1. Development of methodologies and tools for monitoring and evaluating the integration of gender equality in all public policies;
  2. Setting up of a monitoring structure for the integration, monitoring and evaluation of gender-equality policies across public policies and interventions;
  3. Gender impact assessment of 100 laws and regulations;
  4. Gender-equality training for civil servants;
  5. Creation of a Guide for Gender-Equality Policies regarding the customisation and implementation of all NSFR operational programmes and other EU-funded programmes.
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