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This information was last updated in 2015 and may have changed since then. EIGE will next update the information at the end of 2019.

The use of gender-mainstreaming methods varies widely between policy areas. Overall, gender analyses have not been successfully integrated into daily routines and all phases of the policy cycle, and stakeholder involvement is barely institutionalised.

No financial resources are allocated to the implementation of gender mainstreaming. There is no common systematic approach among the federal ministries to gender impact assessments, and the implementation of gender budgeting at federal level is not being planned. However, sex-disaggregated statistics, as well as a variety of useful guidelines and other materials to assist in the implementation of gender mainstreaming, are available.

At Länder level, gender impact assessments are carried out in a few ministries, while in others, provisions for their implementation are being developed. At present, the implementation of gender budgeting is being planned in several Länder, but the most comprehensive gender-budgeting initiative has been realised in Berlin. All in all, the city states Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg have been identified as relatively successful regarding the development and implementation of gender-mainstreaming methods.

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