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The promotion of gender equality through policies and legislation in Cyprus is a fairly recent phenomenon. Mostly due to Cyprus’s harmonisation with the aquis communitaire, an impressive number of legislative measures relating to gender equality have been passed in the last decade, covering the areas of equal treatment in employment, equal pay, maternity protection, parental leave, violence in the family, and more. Overall, the transposition of directives on the gender-equality acquis into Cyprus’s national laws has been satisfactorily completed, and these laws have begun to have a positive effect on the lives of working people.

A number of National Action Plans (NAPs) and strategies have been developed that specifically address gender inequality, including the NAP on Equality between Women and Men, which specifically refers to gender mainstreaming. Gender mainstreaming is largely influenced by EU directives and international conventions for the promotion of gender equality, such as the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Beijing Platform for Action.