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In 1997, the government’s first National Policy for the Promotion of Gender Equality was adopted, taking the Beijing Platform for Action as a starting point. After several intervening policies, the current policy, the Fourth National Policy for Gender Equality (2011–2015), was adopted. It defines new national priorities and modes of implementation, taking into account progress achieved in terms of accomplishing gender equality and the challenges that remain. This policy includes seven particular activities and obliges the Republic of Croatia to incorporate the gender dimension into every area of politics.

In 2000, following an amendment to the constitution of the Republic of Croatia, gender equality was included among the highest values of the Croatian constitution.

The 2008 Gender Equality Act defines the basis for the protection and promotion of gender equality as a fundamental value of the Croatian constitution. It defines and regulates protection from gender-based discrimination and lays down the preconditions necessary to create equal opportunities for women and men.

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