EIGE as the European Union’s Knowledge Centre on Gender Equality

We are an independent centre and the primary source for information on gender equality in the European Union. We contribute to making the European Union become a Union of Equality, where women and men, girls and boys in all their diversity are free to pursue their chosen path in life, have equal opportunities to thrive, and can equally participate in and lead our societies.

EIGE’s unique expert knowledge, research, data and tools help policy makers design measures that are inclusive, transformative and promote gender equality in all areas of life. We communicate our expertise effectively and work closely with partners in order to raise awareness at the EU and national levels, as well as in EU candidate countries and potential candidate countries.

To support the promotion of gender equality in the European Union we:

  • Provide research, collect and analyse data on gender equality with an intersectional perspective;
  • Develop methods to improve gender statistics and data collections;
  • Communicate our comparable and reliable data and information with a hope-based approach;
  • Measure the state of gender equality both at EU and Member State levels;
  • Develop methodological tools and provide technical support for gender mainstreaming in all EU and national policies;
  • Cooperate with EU institutions; Member States; international organisations; NGOs; equal opportunities organisations; universities and experts; research centres; social partners and related bodies; the media and our EU sister agencies

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