Integrating Gender Equality into Research Performing Organisations RPO and university. Research, Practices and setting of on-line Tool on Gender Equality Plans

Closing date

18 May 2015

Published date

20 March 2015

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The general objective of the project is to enhance gender equality in the EU policy area of research by providing policy makers with information on implementing gender sensitive policies in research institutions and by supporting research institutions with sound methodological guidelines for mainstreaming gender in administration, achieving structural transformation, including the change of organisational culture.

The specific objective is to develop an online tool for competence development on the implementation of gender equality plans in research institutions. The tool would specifically:

  • Rely on the need to effectively implement EU Directives on gender equality in the labour market in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) and universities ;
  • Explain the importance of institutional transformation for RPOs and universities as an essential element of gender mainstreaming;
  • Put forward steps for a systematic implementation and monitoring of gender mainstreaming in RPOs and universities;
  • Provide possibilities to improve the knowledge of the management, researchers, academics and human resources staff on tools and methods aimed at mainstreaming gender within their organisations customised to the needs of RPOs and universities.

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