Framework contract: Services to support EIGE's communication activities

Closing date

05 June 2012

Published date

28 April 2012

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The subject of the Framework Contract is Organisiation of information events (low-scale workshops, ad-hock meetings, etc.), advertisement compaigns in specialised and general media, communication with European gender equality networks and press, use of EIGE web base for broadcasting information to general public and stakeholders; graphic design of information branded material for the media, stakeholders, general public.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers Nr1 (.pdf, 167 KB) - 03 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr2 (.pdf, 12.5 KB) - 08 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr3 (.pdf, 686 KB) - 11 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr4 (.pdf, 172 KB) - 11 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr5 (.pdf, 122 KB) - 11 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr6(.pdf, 190 KB) - 15 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr7 (.pdf 150 KB) - 16 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr8 (.pdf, 355 KB) - 21 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr9 (.pdf, 749KB) - 24 May 2012

Questions and Answers Nr10 (.pdf, 397KB) - 30 May 2012


At the request of the tenderer, EIGE may provide additional information solely for the purpose of clarifying the nature of the contract. Any additional information including that referred to above will be published on this website.

Requests for additional information/clarification should be received by 25/05/2012.

The answers to such requests, if any, will be published under this banner, therefore you are invited to visit EIGE's website regularly for updates.

Requests for additional information will not be processed if received later than the above-mentioned date.

Relevant Documents:

Contract Notice (.pdf 156KB) - Contract Notice in TED

Corrigendum to Contract Notice, uploaded on 03/05/2012 (.pdf, 53.7KB)

Invitation to tender (.pdf 465KB)

Tender Specifications (.pdf 290KB)

Tender Specifications - DE version (.pdf, 347KB), uploaded on 29 May 2012

Standard Submission Forms (.doc 111KB)

Price grid Lot 1 (.xls 30.5KB)

Price grid Lot 2 (.xls 31.5KB), confirmed on 24/05/2012 - 15:47

Price grid Lot 3 (.xls 29.5KB)

Price grid Lot 4 (.xls 30KB)

Draft Contract (.pdf 141KB)

Information on EIGE holidays 2012 (.pdf 35.4KB)