Genoveva Tisheva

Genoveva Tisheva is one of the initiators and authors of the Bulgarian Law on Protection against Domestic Violence 2000 - 2005. The law is in force since 2005 and Genoveva is among the most active lawyers to monitor its implementation and to propose and endorse relevant changes to it. She and her colleagues promoted the change in the law which, since 2010, means money will be allocated from the State budget for projects of women’s NGOs for protection of victims of violence.

She helped with and organised legal counselling for over 700 women victims of violence in Sofia and other towns in Bulgaria.

Being one of the pioneers of gender research in Bulgaria, Genoveva Tisheva started in 1998 with research on privatisation, women’ s socio-economic rights (then known as ‘political rights of women’), violence against women, the impact of privatisation of goods and services on women and trafficking of Romani women and children.

Just to list some of her achievements:

Genoveva Tisheva is, since 2004, an initiator and Director of the Women’s Human Rights Training Institute (WHRTI) for young lawyers from Eastern Europe. About 60 lawyers were trained to date and the third round of the Institute is currently underway;

  • She monitors the realisation of socio- economic rights and the compliance of the governmental policy with the UN standards for these rights and gender equality. She has been reporting on the situation in Bulgaria for the Social Watch coalition since 2000, and is member of the Coordinating Committee of Social Watch coalition since 2006;
  • She presented alternative reports to the CEDAW in 1998 and to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 1999. She is currently introducing her younger colleagues to alternative reporting before the UN bodies - before the HRC, under the UPR procedure;
  • Since 2004 Genoveva Tisheva has been a member of the Network of Independent Legal Experts on Gender Equality to the European Commission. She presented numerous reports on Bulgaria on varying aspects of the EU equal treatment standards. In addition to that, in the last two years she has prepared reports for the European Commission on topics such as: social security and social protection - gender aspects, trafficking in women, VAW and Violence against children - feasibility study.

She constantly promotes capacity building for new and dedicated people in Bulgaria by giving them her contacts and imparting her knowledge. Participating in many events in Asia, Africa and Latin America, she tries to promote her global view on gender and development and on gender and social justice.