Structures to support gender equality work

Structures to support gender equality work are dedicated organisational arrangements (unit, office, network, service, …) which are mandated to support structural change towards gender equality through their work.
Such structures can take a variety of forms: from Gender Equality Offices, over ombud services, to networks of gender equality ‘antennas’ in different organisational departments, and others. The examples provided below reflect the different forms and roles support structures can take. 

Useful to know

  • Whatever structure is established, it is important that its mandate is endorsed by the top of the organisation. 
  • The closer structures are situated to the top of the organisation (e.g. reporting directly to the Dean or Rector), the more authority the structure can have and the more effectively it can work.
  • Structures need adequate resources (human and financial) to work effectively.

Existing tools and resources

  • The guidelines produced within the framework of the EU-funded structural change STAGES project provide practical insights on establishing and supporting networks for gender equality in universities and research organisations. Check pages 46-48.