A practice to award and ensure greater visibility for women researchers (RO)

The ‘Women Researchers’ Day at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (Romania) was created in 2013 as an initiative within the EU-funded project "Structural transformations to achieve gender equality in science" (STAGES), led by the Centre for Social Management and Community Development and the UAIC Network of Women Academia and Research. It is an annual innitative aimed at increasing women’s visibility, voice and recognition by presenting their professional profiles and awarding their most relevant results in science. It is a complex public event consisting of several categories of actions like producing and presenting dedicated films under the title “UAIC Profiles of Women in Science”, giving awards to distinguished senior researchers and promising young researchers as well as giving lectureships/conferences on “Gender in science” and trainings for targeted groups (managers, staff, and young researchers) with the contribution of prestigious invited gender experts. The main objectives are to provide female research with role models, to create an international reach for the exchange of good practices, and to contribute to the professional development of women researchers. The event takes place on the same day as the European Women Researchers Day" as a form of enacting transnational and inter-institutional cooperation for promoting shared objectives of gender equality in science through the organisation of mutually beneficial common actions and through its dissemination at international level by networking channels (such as EPWS, GenPort, CNRS, STAGES, UAIC).