High-profile tenure-track positions for top female scientists (NL)

Delft University of Technology is aiming to substantially increase the number of top female scientists. To help accelerate this, Delft Technology Fellowship (initiated in 2010) offers high-profile, tenure-track positions to top female scientists in research fields in which the university is active. The current situation is that 12 % of the current full professors are female. The goal is to increase this percentage up to 20 % in 2020. The 5-year Fellowships are awarded to outstanding female scientists from any country and from any of the existing disciplines in the university, who are currently not employed by Delft University of Technology. The fellowships are awarded at the Assistant, Associate or full Professor levels. As fellow women will be offered the unique chance to establish their own research programme of international repute, including a generous start-up funding (assistant professor 100.000 Euro, associate professor 200.000 Euro and full professor 300.000 Euro). Candidates can write their own research proposal (not restricted by specific available positions). An informal mentoring scheme is available for fellows to get to know the university and the Dutch (research) environment. Also, fellows participate in a university wide introduction programme and in the Personal Development Programme. Following a positive evaluation at the end of (a maximum of) five years, the fellow is awarded tenure. Having been awarded tenure, the fellow will be following the regular career path for scientists at Delft University of Technology. Should the fellow in the fourth year of the tenure track not achieved the expected goals for that period, the fellow is offered career advice to help explore employment opportunities elsewhere.