A survey to know your institution (CZ)

In line with recommendations for implementation of structural change, the gender equality implementation process must build on “knowing the institution”. For this purpose an initial comprehensive institutional analysis was performed at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT Prague) (Czech Republic). This analysis included 1) statistical data collection and analysis, 2) questionnaire survey of working conditions of both academic and administrative staff, work-life balance, mobility, research and teaching evaluation, 3) individual and group interviews, 4) documentary analysis, 5) media analysis, and 6) analysis of legislative framework in the Czech Republic from a gender perspective. The research design and instrument were developed and the analyses performed by an external gender expert partner, the National Contact Centre for Gender and Science at the Institute of Sociology. These analyses served to identify bottlenecks and issues to be tackled through the Gender Equality Plan (GEP), and will be periodically repeated, to guide upcoming GEP implementation and actions and to guide institutional development at UCT Prague. Following the statistical data collection, the internal monitoring system was amended to include the variable “sex” to facilitate monitoring in the future.