Introducing a gender perspective in research content and teaching (ES)

Since 2010, a gender perspective in research content award is being organised on an annual basis by the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) (Spain). The award aims to recognise and make visible existing research projects and teaching practices that stand out for integrating a gender dimension in research content. Six prizes are awarded annually: three for teaching achievements (excluding gender-specific courses) and three for research projects in any field (which integrate a gender dimension in hypothesis formulation, research design, methodology, research processes or the dissemination and publication of results). The award is fostering synergies with other initiatives undertaken by the university such as gender training and conferences. The award is remarkably bringing more visibility to gender in research and teaching. Furthermore, synergies were activated with other parallel initiatives (such as conferences and trainings) on which awardees have the possibility to share their research findings or how they managed to introduce a gender perspective in their teaching activity (including obstacles and resistances faced and how these were overcome).