Gender Report (IT)

The “Bilancio di Genere” (referred hereafter as Gender Report) of the University of Ferrara (Italy) is an action implemented by the Unique Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities in Public Administrations for workers’ wellbeing and against discrimination (CUG) and the Equal Opportunities Committees (CPO) since 2011. It is divided in four parts: 1) In the first (and most important) part it monitors the participation of women in the organisation among students, professors, clerical workers and all decision-making bodies; 2) It describes equal opportunities bodies in the organisation; 3) It describes the Positive Action Plan of the University (PAP) and its objectives; 4) It monitors what actions of the PAP have been realised. The Gender Report was firstly introduced by the first PAP (2011-2013) of the University of Ferrara as part of the Social Responsibility Budget of the University. It is now part of the second PAP (2014-2016) as a monitoring action. The Gender Report of the University of Ferrara is considered a milestone in the Italian academic system. It uses quantitative methodologies to collect data on career trajectories following the European Union’s ‘She Figures’ indicators. The Gender Report is written in cooperation with the Statistical Office of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and for the first time it has produced longitudinal data on the presence of women inside a university. Since 2011, each year, the Gender Report is made available online on the website of the ‘Equality and Diversity’ unit of the University of Ferrara. The ‘Equality and Diversity’ unit of the University of Ferrara received 183.000 Euro from the Department of Equal Opportunities (DPO) of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers in order to create a model of Gender Report – in the form of guidelines – and to propose to all Italian Universities, Public Administrations and Public Corporations to apply this model, with the aim to harmonise data and collect national indicators.