Gender Sensitive PhD Supervisor Toolkit (SE)

As part of the activities organised within the EU-funded structural change project FESTA (coordinated by Uppsala University, Sweden), a Gender Sensitive PhD Supervisory Toolkit has been developed by the project’s consortium. The PhD supervision toolkit targets the supervisory relationships by addressing the socialisation of PhD students and by improving supervisory practices. In male-dominated research environments, it may be relevant to help women at the beginning of their careers to find ways of surviving and competing. The PhD supervision toolkit will advance women’s academic careers in two ways: 1) they will become more fully integrated in the community and therefore more motivated for an academic career and 2) the visibility of their specific value to the research community will be improved. During the Fall/Winter of 2014/2015, study circles on gender awareness in PhD supervision were organised for PhD-supervisors in the six participating countries. These were aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for women and men at the beginning of their academic careers. The PhD supervision toolkit is based on results from these study circles, that it, on the experiences of PhD supervisors themselves in six countries.