Gender lectureship: a model for mainstreaming in higher education (SE)

Following the rationale that gender mainstreaming is possible within every subject, in 2005, Linköping University (Sweden) created gender lectureships in order to assist its faculties on how to mainstream gender equality. The gender lectureships are established by the Vice-Chancellor and aim at actively contributing to mainstreaming gender within the content of study programmes and courses, and at developing pedagogical models for gender sensitive teaching and gender equality in higher education. Education must be provided in such a way that women’s and men’s experiences and knowledge are developed in a gender sensitive way. This is important to counteract unequal power relations between women and men. During the last decade, gender lectureships have been contributing to continuously work on gender mainstreaming at Linköping University. In practical terms, the gender lectureships provide resources, competences and sustainability to gender mainstreaming work. It is a programme that continuously addresses gender issues within the structure of the university. It aims to ensure that gender is mainstreamed in all study programmes, including at PhD level.