Participatory approach towards a Career Development Plan (SK)

In 2013, Trnava University developed a Gender Equality Plan as part of project proposal of EU-funded structural change GENOVATE project. This Plan contained a measure aiming at developing a Career Development Plan (CDP) for the university research employees. The project team opted for a participatory approach in developing a CDP, which consisted of: mapping the existing situation in two university’s faculties, collecting sex-disaggregated data on research and education employees, interviewing the HR Department of the Rectorate and Personnel Administrators of both faculties, carrying out surveys among research employees and several questionnaires on gender equality distributed within awareness raising activities. On the basis of collected information, the proposal for a Career Development Plan was developed. The inclusion of surveys, questionnaires and discussions into the process of developing policies served not only as an example of evidence based policy-making, but also contributed to raising awareness on gender equality and the policy itself, and to create a sense of ownership within the two faculties.