Age limit extension in calls for female researchers with children under 10 (HU)

In March 2009, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) accepted an equal opportunities framework programme (Presidential decision no. 13/2009. II. 24). One element of the framework programme is the extension of age limits for female researchers who have children under the age of 10. This means that all calls of the HAS (scholarships, fellowships and grants) with an age limit, the age limit is extended by two years after each child under the age of 10 for female and male researchers who certify that they stayed with the child(ren) on parental leave. The Academy also extended the scope of the programme to single parents as well. 


  • Presentation by Éva Sugár at Learning and Dissemination Seminar on Promoting Gender Equality in Research and Higher Education Institutions (9 September 2016)
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