Slovenia // Structures

Slovenia has established a number of relevant institutional mechanisms for gender mainstreaming and for addressing gender equality. After early elections in December 2011, the independent government body responsible for gender equality and the advancement of women — the Office for Equal Opportunities (previously the Women’s Policy Office) was abolished and its responsibilities were transferred to the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MLFSA). The central national institution for promoting gender equality and gender mainstreaming within the MLFSA is the Equal Opportunities Department (Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities). The new structure continues to have an important role in promoting and advancing the application of gender mainstreaming in development and implementation of global policies, and generally in regard to gender equality specific policies and areas of action, their successful co-ordination, monitoring of implementation and evaluation of results concerned. Its mandate authorises the body to influence decision-making, including through submitting proposals of legislative and policy nature to the respective ministries or government. Department is also responsible for the preparation of the National Programme for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, and biannual Periodical Plans and Reports on its Implementation. It is also responsible for other activities, such as capacity-building, monitoring the implementation of legislation, proposing measures, and considering all policymaking initiatives from the perspective of gender, and mainstreaming gender equality, in different policy areas. Coordinators for Equal Opportunities are appointed to all ministries and at local level.