Women and Men Inspiring Europe

Launched on 8 March 2010 with the title ”Women Inspiring Europe”, EIGE’s initiative has evolved from acknowledging women breaking gender stereotypes to promoting both women and men who have had successful initiatives in the area of gender equality.

EIGE’s Gender Equality Index has proved that during these past 50 years European Union reached only half-way towards a gender-equal society, with an average EU score of 54 (where 1 stands for total gender inequality and 100 for full gender equality). These inspiring women and men, fostering gender-sensitive initiatives in their respective fields of expertise, are proving once more that effective commitment to gender equality can benefit their fellow countrywomen and countrymen, even bring their countries closer to the gender equality point marked on the Gender Equality Index.

Having received great input from its first-ever jury, EIGE created this 2014 calendar by selecting the 12 strongest profiles from nominations received from throughout the EU. In connection with the field of expertise of each of these role models, and in order to highlight the added value of their work, EIGE presents facts and figures extracted from the domains of the Gender Equality Index.

The jury was comprised of: Ms Angela O’Hagan, Professor within Glasgow Caledonian University in United Kingdom, Maria Pazos, Chief of Gender Studies within Institute of Fiscal Studies in Spain, Pauline Moreau, Chair of EIGE’s Management Board, Peter Matjašič, President of European Youth Forum, and Rada Boric, Executive Director for Centre for Women’s Studies in Croatia.

The members of the jury have based their votes on the nominations EIGE received, comments from EIGE’s advisory board – Experts’ Forum, and on the list of supporting signatures.  For example, in the case of judge Paola di Nicola, 185 individuals and 25 organisations have endorsed her nomination.

All profiles – from the calendar and the web – will become part of the “Women and Men Inspiring Europe” Resource Pool, which provides media and gender equality stakeholders with an opportunity to search for speakers and gender-sensitive experts from various backgrounds.

EIGE will continue to accept nominations of inspiring women and men throughout 2014. If you have a person in mind that fits the description, do not hesitate fill in the nomination form.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact to write to: wo_men@eige.europa.eu

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