Women and media

In 2013, EIGE provided a Review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States: Women and the Media - Advancing gender equality in decision-making in media organisations. The findings show that while women have considerably outnumbered men in university-level and practice-based journalism programmes and that the employment of women in media is increasing, the organisational culture of media remains largely masculine and women are still significantly under-represented at the decision-making level. EIGE also conducted interviews with women experts on gender equality in the media.

Between August 2012 and June 2013, EIGE also conducted a study on a “Collection of methods, tools and good practices in the field of Women and the Media (as described by area J of Beijing Platform for Action)".

Three areas were taken into consideration for the analysis and collection of data and information: gender training, awareness-raising and self-regulation and monitoring.

The study has led to the development of

Three meetings were held during the implementation of the project. A consultation meeting, to identify good practices among selected practices with potential, in January 2013 and a peer review meeting, in May 2013, to discuss and provide methodological guidelines and recommendations in the area of women and media. An online discussion to exchange and share reflections approaches and experiences of promoting gender equality in the area of Women and the Media also took place in EuroGender platform in April 2013.

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